Friday, October 30, 2009

Great Grandma Jennie

In my post about turning 40, I mentioned that I did not have any pictures of my dad's grandmother Jennie Olivia Shipp Graham as a younger adult. (40 is younger, right?!) The only photos I had were either of her as a teenager or in her older years.

That all changed this week, and I've "found" a whole branch of Graham's that I did not know much about. That is going to change in the near future, too.

My mom gave me an address for a cousin of my dad's who was supposed to have a bunch of Graham family photos on CD. She got it from my Grandma June Graham. So I wrote a letter to a first cousin one time removed that I didn't know I had. I introduced myself and asked for a copy
of the CD.

It arrived yesterday, and I am so excited to see these photos. I've got to share a couple, just because it addresses the "hole" in my photo's that I mentioned earlier this week. My grandfather is Donald Lyle, the little guy on Jennie's lap. Check out those outfits!

Grandpa was born in 1916 when Jennie was 35. He looks to be around 1 in this photo to the right, which puts Jennie at around 36.

I'm tickled at this "stairstep" picture of the Graham kids outside. I have a lot of "stairstep" shots of my Osgood aunts/uncles, but this is a first that I've seen of the Grahams. Another thing I like about this one is that they are outside in front of an orchard. Guy was a pretty successful and renowned apple farmer, so its pretty neat to see the family in front of some of his trees. This photo has my Grandpa Don labeled as being two years old, so Jennie is in the 36-37 year old range.

My newly found cousin gave me the address of her brother who has been collecting information on their branch of the family tree, so I plan to write to him and ask for a copy of his information. The CD has lots of photos of all of Guy and Jennie's kids and their families. I'm very excited to make this new connection---its like a slightly belated birthday present!

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