Saturday, October 10, 2009

Flossie's family

My great grandmother on my mom's side was named Florence Martha Partridge. Everyone called her "Flossie." She married the son of Jesse Clark Osgood, Jacob. He went by his middle name, Clark.

Flossie was born on August 30, 1875 in Woodburn, Illinois. Her mom was an English immigrant named Elizabeth Palmer. Her husband was named Rufus Partridge. She was the third of seven children.

Up until this week, I only knew of three of these siblings: John Palmer Partridge (b. 1868 d. 1880); Rufus E. Partridge (b.27 Aug 1872 d. 31 May 1957); and Seth Pendelton Partridge (b. 3 May 1879 d. 29 Sept 1882). Of these four, two of the children did not survive until adulthood. I don't know (yet) why this is. A subject of future research, I suppose.

Anyway, I've been using since the beginning of the year. Recently, they added this "member connect" feature where people who are researching the same individuals as you are can attempt to contact you through the Ancestry website. I've sent a few messages out, but never heard back from anyone. Yesterday, I got a message of my own about Flossie.

The sender is researching her husband's family. Flossie is his second cousin. She was happy to get photos I had posted to my Ancestry profile for Flossie and offered to give me the information she had on her family of origin. As it turns out, she has a record of 3 more siblings: Herbert James Partridge (b. 14 Dec 1882 d. 1947); Robert Henry Partridge (b. 23 July 1886 d. 1945); and Harriet Evelyn Partridge (b. 20 Oct 1889 d. 11 Jun 1918). Great Grand Uncles and Aunts I never knew I had! Nice! To reciprocate, I've sent this person information on Flossie's mother's family, the Palmer's.

I don't know much about my great-grandmother Florence Osgood. I'm hoping that perhaps some of my Osgood cousins (or second cousins) can comment here to give us some idea. Don't be shy, now!

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